Things to Look At

Some recommendations:

–See Mad Max. It’s a nearly perfect action movie. But there is going to come a point when Tom Hardy is going to have to stop making the weirdest acting choices. And why is his face covered in every movie? Let the man be beautiful.

–See Ex Machina. It’s the opposite of everything Mad Max is, yet equally awesome. I wish this is what more movies were.

–See the Mad Men finale. I thought this season sucked. And the season before it wasn’t much better. But man, the finale kinda blew my mind. There’s been so much written about it, it’s actually been quite annoying. Particularly “analyzing” the last scenes. Is this necessary? I don’t know. Just make your own judgments, for God’s sake. But I thought what’s been left out of all this rehashing is how many zingers there were in the last episode. So many great lines. Matthew Weiner started off as a comedy writer and he’s still got it. Loved the writing.

The best thing I read about the finale, and definitely the most unique, was by good ol’ Earl Pomerantz. Very, very interesting perspective and spot on.

–Read David McCullough’s “The Wright Brothers”. I never knew the full story of the Wright Brothers before. It isn’t a perfect book, but I really enjoyed reading it.

–Read Joe McGinniss’ “Fatal Vision”. I went down a “Jinx” related rabbit hole after that ended, and discovered this book. It was written over 20 years ago and holy shit, it made me so mad at you guys. How do you not tell me about this stuff?!! It’s a true crime story and totally worth the read. I became obsessed with this case, as apparently anyone does who reads about it does. What other awesome shit am I missing out on?!

–Read my guest recap of “Married at First Sight” for For some reason I’m fascinated by that show, even though everyone on it this season is awful. Had fun writing about it…

7 thoughts on “Things to Look At

  1. I read my copy of Fatal Vision to shreds. Good reminder to pull it down again. The movie wasn’t bad either, but my love of Gary Cole perhaps overshadows my objectivity.

  2. Try “Bosch”. It’s a crime drama done well, Has a great old pulp fiction feel in a modern day LA. 10 episodes, Amazon Prime.

      • I heard horrible things, so I started watching. A few episodes in, it’s like baseball; so profoundly boring that I keep watching, desperate for something, anything, to happen.

        So I’m sticking with it. Which is more than I can say for stuff that’s much better, like House of Cards.

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