Great Advice For Writers

Not from me. I’ve got nothing. But Shane Black does.

I’m so old that when I was coming up, there weren’t podcasts. We had to listen to the radio! Can you even imagine?

Anyway, I wish we had them, because the podcast I just linked to is incredible. Shane Black is one of the more famous screenwriters. And most successful. He became high profile when he sold spec scripts for millions in the ’90’s. But to me, he’s always been a man of mystery. I’ve never seen him. I’ve never heard him. They don’t put screenwriters on talk shows. Luckily, they do put them on podcasts.

In this one, he speaks for an hour and a half about writing. And it’s highly illuminating. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Great Advice For Writers

  1. Thanks for the link. I might just dust off a few of the old screenplays I wrote before I got married and gave up, and see if there’s anything there. I’m positive I’ll find myself brilliant.

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