Want the Password?

Welcome to my blog. If you want to read the mind blowing, genius things that I write, you have to email me (magicgwynn@gmail.com) and if I like the cut of your jib, I’ll give you the password.

6 thoughts on “Want the Password?

  1. Hi! Seeing as one of the only reasons I watch the Bachelor is to read your blog, and seeing as I’ve already watched this week’s episode, I kinda need the password. You know, so I didn’t waste an hour and a half of my life watching it, only to find out I can’t read the only good thing about it.

    So ya. Thanks!

  2. Please accept me into the circle of trust, Irwin! Been reading your Bachelor report since Allie and Roberto and can’t do without your witty one liners and scathing sense of humor. Plus I’m rooting for you to find a good woman even if its not me. My final 3 this season is Kat, Sharleen, Cassandra w Cass to win; Michigan women are winners. :).

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