It’s Amy Schumer’s Turn to Learn About Comedy

Yesterday, a college student totally schooled Jerry Seinfeld on the basics of comedy. In that “open letter”, he said that Jerry should learn from other comedians who do it “right”, like Amy Schumer.

Not so fast, random college kid! Because apparently, Schumer doesn’t do funny right either!!


2 thoughts on “It’s Amy Schumer’s Turn to Learn About Comedy

  1. Finally listened to her interview with Koppleman on “The Moment” and was viewing her in a positive light – until she got so vindictive about Foxwoods and their treatment of comedians. She would. Not. Let. It. Go.

    P.S. There’s an article on “Ghosting” today on NY Times site

  2. Wow that was a long walk to the store, only to realize that the writer needs to get laid.

    Sorry, that was old-fashionedly cruel. Seriously, though, I had to skip through parts of it because it was tiresome. Let me focus on the training skit, which I have actually seen. Much like ALL THE REST OF COMEDY, it is only funny if it echoes truth. Hate to break it to the writer, but, um, every last inch of it rang true for me, and in the last two months, at most. Maybe Schumer is onto something, like not sticking your head in te ground?

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