The Jinx Is A Million Times Better Than Serial

Please watch The Jinx on HBO. Just do it. It’s a documentary about a rich guy who might be a murderer. It’s 6 episodes. The 5th aired last Sunday and the finale is next Sunday, so you have time to catch up. And it’s worth it. Trust me.

Because unlike Serial, The Jinx actually breaks new ground! It uncovers new things! In short, it actually goes somewhere.

The last episode included a bombshell. And you for sure want to see that bombshell happen, cause it’s pretty fucking awesome.


5 thoughts on “The Jinx Is A Million Times Better Than Serial

  1. I’m watching! Watched all 5 episodes in the last couple of days. Though I confess I think I liked the Staircase better.

  2. OMG the end of episode 5 gave me the creeps! I watch and read a ton of true crime and did not see that coming at all.

    I know you’ve already turned the lights off, but thanks for keeping the blog going for so long. I’ve been reading ever since Pamie linked to you and my sisters and I often talk excitedly about what you might say about any given bachelor/ette episode.

  3. This was just made available to watch on demand over here. Watched the whole thing this morning. End of episode 5 blew my mind.

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