This Seems Like It Should Matter

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First of all, it’s pretty hilarious that the Republicans would even CONSIDER running another Bush.

But listen, I’m not naive enough to say that Obama is personally responsible for all of this. But could you imagine if things had gone the other way? Would be be held responsible? Of course he would! So fuck you he gets the credit.

And yet, he doesn’t really get the credit. Because the Democrats are horrible at marketing! They’re like the anti-Don Draper. Bill Cosby’s lawyer has done a better job of putting out a narrative than the Democrats. No one pats themselves on the backs like Republicans. They lose wars yet fly onto air craft carriers talking about “Mission Accomplished”! They know how to dap themselves up!

Anyway, could you imagine if Mitt had won? And then this happens? No matter what airport you’d fly into, it would be called Mitt Romney airport. Your kids would all go to Romney elementary and Romney middle school, and the White House would be located in Romney DC.

But that didn’t happen. And this is Obama’s. I think history will look kindly on him. Unless of course in a few years we’re all speaking ISIS.

One thought on “This Seems Like It Should Matter

  1. Good post, Hack … I always enjoy your perspective on politics since it correlates with mine, lol. Obama critics should focus on his foreign affairs, as his domestic policies have righted the GWB-wrong and the train’s back on track.

    My problem is that I’m not sure that this country could handle Hiliary on the heels of Obama … first a black, then a woman … the Great Divide would only get worse.
    I wish that Elizabeth Warren would run.

    Sure wish that you weren’t hanging it up before next year’s election when the debates begin and the right-wing brings in the clowns again. Watch out for Scott Walker.

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