MTV’s The Challenge is Still the Best

If you don’t watch The Challenge anymore, or never did watch it, all you need to do is sit down and turn on this week’s episode, and bemoan the faulty choices you’ve made in life. It was everything you want. A battle in the dome. Roid rages. Politics. Bananas. Cum guzzling. And, of course, Hurricane Nia.

Nia is a young lady I have a ton of affinity for. She was on the Real World a few years back, and seemed to have the mindset of a young Eric Harris. A perfect ingredient for any Real World house.

Anyway, at the end of this episode, she got sent into the dome. Thus, she responded as only a natural disaster can, by calling out every single person on The Challenge.

Hot-headed Nany couldn’t help herself, let’s face it, friends, she can never help herself, and jumped into the fray. And this is the exchange that followed…

NANY: “I’m the champion”.

HURRICANE NIA: “Yeah, you’re the champion of sucking everyone off in this house, baby!”

In the picture below, you will see Nany attempting a come back, with her partner (and guy she’s sucked off previously) Johnny Bananas’ reaction:



Here’s the thing though: Nany has sucked everyone off in that house, and in numerous other episodes, has both admitted it and been extremely proud of the accomplishment.

So, burn denied, Nia, burned denied.


2 thoughts on “MTV’s The Challenge is Still the Best

  1. there was an episode back in the beginning of the season where it looked like Nia was sucking her thumb. that is all i can think of (well, that and drinking the glass full of Zack’s sweat) every time she is on screen. no matter how bad ass her take down Nany was, and it was indeed glorious, she will always be a thumb sucker.

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