The Real World Skeletons & The Challenge Real Skeletons

The Real World changed the format up a bit last season…to amazing results! They brought in the cast’s exes and made them all live in the same house. This year it’s “Skeletons in the Closet”, which is basically the same thing. They’re bringing in people form the cast’s past to cause chaos in the house. And good glorious God it is working.

Tony, the handsome player, finally had sex with Madison, the blonde, fake baby-voiced, ex-drug addict hottie. She is legitimately pretty, which is nice to see on this show after many questionable casting decisions. The next morning, as they basked in their post-coitus glow, there was a knock at the door. And it was Tony’s on again/off again girlfriend. The fireworks began. And it was pretty great. But then…Tony’s OTHER ex showed up, and then it was like the night show at Disneyland or Katy Perry at the Super Bowl halftime show…fireworks!

There’s also a horrible, horrible Mexican girl who they pretend is not horrible. I love to hate her deep voiced guts. This week she attacked Madison from behind, yanked her to the ground by her hair, and put her in a choke hold. She said she didn’t need to apologize because “that’s the stuff I do at home”. Is your home Pablo Escobar’s estate? No? Then fuck you.

But what a genius premise. Just when you thought The Real World couldn’t beĀ improved on…they totally did it. It was a risky move, but one that is paying off. I highly recommend.

Meanwhile, my favorite show The Challenge is going on at the same time. It’s “The Exes”, which is clearly the gift that keeps on giving for this network. And things are just a little bit awkward this year. Because there are two people who are on it who are currently dead.

Diem and Knight passed away since they taped it. So it’s a little troubling, especially since Diem was looking skinny as fuck. Then she starts getting sick. Finally, she went home, and we know the rest. I don’t understand the decision to have her on, and her decision to do it. That has to be a stressful situation. I mean, cameras, mics, competitions…and CT!!! CT causes me panic just looking at him on television.

Knight went home this week, so now we are down to just the living. Which is good. And we have an interesting couple’s swap situation. The Beast, aka Zach, used to be with hot (when not rocking a multi-colored afro) mixed race Jonna. While the diminutive Jay used to be with Jenna. Now they’ve switched. Which is weird, because Jay has no business being at this level of attractiveness. It’s like watching an NBA game and Peter Dinklage is playing point guard, it doesn’t make sense.

That being said, Jenna has been claiming that she is a model. Gotta be a hand model, because nothing else involving modeling makes sense. Model trains?

Anyway, I’m enjoying both of these. Other things filling up my DVR:


Married at First Sight: First Year

Man Seeking Woman

The Americans (premiered this week!)

Vanderpump Rules


4 thoughts on “The Real World Skeletons & The Challenge Real Skeletons

  1. OMG, I watched The Real World last night and I was DYING to ask your opinion of both that and The Challenge. It still blows my mind when they lay hands on each other and don’t get kicked off immediately. I guess that rule went out the window with the girl who threw the fork.

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