Ladies and Gentlemen, Sarah Palin

Seriously though, she’s on something, right? Pain killers? It’s like pain killers plus retard. I think that’s the equation that equals that speech. It’s frequently said, but again, she was almost the Vice President!! The Republicans were like, she’s the best we can offer. That person. Up there. Who just said that stuff. Amazing.

Just for fun, let’s all remember what professional (and amateur) nut case Jim Treacher said about Sarah Palin during the election:

“And if you think she’s a desperation pick, you obviously didn’t watch her speech, and haven’t been paying attention to how she’s driven the entire media out of their minds. That’s a big part of her popularity, the backlash against this obvious smear campaign against her. Not to mention how she’s gotten inside Obama’s head. She’s working out even better than McCain could have imagined.”

That really never gets old.

One thought on “Ladies and Gentlemen, Sarah Palin

  1. Saw a few more clips of her on the Daily Show and it just kept getting worse from there! I swear, or at least hope, she was drunk and on drugs because she is more nutty than the crazy girl on Bachelor!

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