Let’s Make It Less Real!

I finally watched “My Husband’s Not Gay”, on TLC. Which is about Mormon guys who are attracted to men, but married to women, and don’t act on their gay tendencies. They call it SSA, Same Sex Attraction. Seems like some pretty fucking fertile ground for a television show. Lots of interesting stuff to explore. So what did they do? They took this real life, insane thing that is happening…and made a SCRIPTED reality show out of it!

Why? Why, TLC? Gay men forcing themselves to marry women and not fuck men wasn’t enough for you? You had to script scenarios for us? Because your producers are so much better at coming up with things that are more entertaining than what these weirdos are already bringing to the table???

So frustrating. I wanted answers! Real answers. And this is The LEARNING channel, is it not? I’m not here for the Kardashians, let me learn.

One of the guys wasn’t married yet, and is a 32 year old who hasn’t kissed a man or a woman in his entire life. He’s goofy looking, but actually has a good personality, and lusts after Tom Brady’s bod. Give me that story! You don’t need to invent things here. It writes itself!

Also one of the guys is named Pret.

One thought on “Let’s Make It Less Real!

  1. In reality TV, we are so trained in our habits, hardly anyone knows how to do anything real anymore. Practically all of it is so wildly, wildly scripted and manipulated. I think producers are legitimately afraid – even apparently on shows with such incredibly fertile ground such as this one – that if they just allow stuff to happen it won’t make good TV… I dunno. Who knows. Blegh. Reality TV. The end. 😛

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