7 thoughts on “Interview with Jay from Serial

  1. I could not believe this interview, Jay is clearly such a liar and bullshitter. He’s never told the same story twice. You can’t say that Adnan should have been convicted on this guy’s testimony. I’m not saying that Adnan didn’t do it, I still think he did it, but give me a break with believing that this whole trial wasn’t completely messed up. Jay’s testimony that Adnan committed this murder alone with premeditation could very likely be complete crap made up by Jay with some gentle help crafting his story from the cops and PA.

    • i respectfully disagree. yes, there are inconsistencies, but in the grand scheme of things, they’re rather small. he was first interviewed 6 weeks after it happened, and this is 15 years later. the idea that he didn’t want to tell police the true version – being that he was a drug dealer and all, and also black – rings true to me. if you take a step back and look at the big picture, it is pretty consistent. yes, some details change, but the overall story is the same. adnan gives jay his car and his freshly bought cell phone (!!!) the day his ex-girlfriend is murdered?? yikes! what possible reason would jay have for consistently telling this story. not even to mention the fact, again, fact, that he and adnan were hanging out multiple times on that very day. jay did the murder and buried hae, all built around his frequent hang outs with adnan?

      i don’t know, it’s beyond a reasonable doubt for me. but i’d love to hear adnan’s opinion on what on earth would compel jay to say this about him.

      • To me, the most obvious reason Jay has to lie is to obscure his own involvement in the murder. Presumably, much more significant then helping dig a hole for the body. I just don’t buy that he helped bury the body because he was afraid of getting in trouble for selling drugs.

        It’s disturbing that a jury convicted Adnan based on the testimony of a guy who was involved somehow in the events of the murder (giving him every reason to lie to cover his own ass) and who is clearly lying about much of what went down the day of the murder.

  2. I don’t know anyone who is as obsessed with this case as I am, so I am going to vent at you.

    I believe that Adnan did it, but I am still open to other possibilities. I think nothing about his story makes sense. I think nothing about Jay’s story makes sense. I think he’s lying but I don’t know why. If anything, this interview only confuses me more. If Adnan did it, he’s a sociopath and I hope he never gets out of prison because it would seem he killed Hae… for fun. Not because he was mad about the break-up (because according to a dozen other people he WASN’T that upset by the break-up), or because he was jealous (by Don’s own admission they they had met and were civil and even friendly toward each other. This is backed-up with Hae’s diary). Why does he say he doesn’t know what Hae’s car looks like? He led the police to it. He saw Hae’s body in it. He followed it when Adnan drove it to wherever they dumped it. How can he not know?

    It doesn’t make any sense that the Adnan that Jay describes is completely unlike the Adnan anyone else describes. And supposedly they were barely even friends. The disparity between Jay’s Adnan and the rest of the community’s Adnan are so polar opposites that it doesn’t even seem like they are talking about the same person. And they are barely friends according to both of them! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE? Adnan has “best” friends! Why didn’t he show how hurt he supposedly was to that guy?

    The only other thing that really confuses me is the DNA. I don’t understand why it wasn’t tested at the time. Listening to Adnan’s attorney, Christina, makes me want to stab myself in the face, but she really is inept and he deserve a new trial based solely on her record.

    On the other hand, he clearly did it because what are the odds he’s just that unlucky? I find it really weird that so many people are saying, “Oh, he totally did it, but he shouldn’t be in prison because Jay is clearly lying.” Wait! You’re saying a MURDERER shouldn’t be in prison?! THAT MAKES NO SENSE!


  3. I think the only thing Jay might be hiding is that maybe he and Adnan were better friends than he’s letting on, and maybe be did know that Adnan was going to do it. Otherwise I think he’s telling the truth.

    I mean you’re really going to give your car and cell phone to some guy you barely know? And Jay really is going to hide a murder just because he sold weed? I think a guy shows up at your grandma’s house with a dead body your first instinct isn’t “oh no I’m gonna get in trouble for my weed selling.” Which tells me he might have known Adnan was gonna show up with a body and he had already agreed beforehand to help him bury her.

    • yeah, one of the only things they agree on is that they “weren’t close friends”. yet from all available evidence – jay picked him up from track “all the time”, giving him his car, etc – they were. maybe the fact that they insist on that one thing implies they were in cahoots on all of this.

      • I agree. I think that Jay had a much bigger part in Hae’s murder than he is letting on, and in order to absolve himself he has concocted this story about Adnan acting alone and made sure the major points of his story are backed up by witnesses and phone records. Jenn is Jay’s only proof that he was not with Adnan at the time of Hae’s murder and I believe she is lying for him. I’m not sure why, probably because she was secretly in love with him or he threatened her or something. I think that Jay might have had more to do with Hae’s death than Adnan. And Adnan can’t tell the truth about Jay’s involvement because it will implicate himself and he has always maintained he is innocent.

        If he is innocent, he needs to go in the Guiness Book Of Records as the unluckiest motherfucker of all time.

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