Transcript of an Unaired Conversation Between Adnan and Sarah Koenig from Serial

Just got my hands on this. Not sure why it got cut out of the podcast, but it brings up some interesting points…


Sarah: So…the thing that keeps bothering me, Adnan, is why did Jay tell the police that you killed Hae?

Adnan: Because I killed Hae.

S: Because it feels like, you know, you’re such a likable person – everyone says so! They say no way could you have ever done that. So it just doesn’t make sense. Why do you think Jay would say that about you? Say that you’re a murderer?

A: Cause I’m a murderer.

S: And why would Jen back up his story. And his girlfriend. And that girl who saw you freaking out about having to talk to the cops, and then that other guy who worked at the porn star with Jay…why would they all say that you killed Hae?

A: Because I killed Hae.

S: It’s just crazy. But you’ll be glad to hear that I tracked down a 1999 customer service agreement from AT&T, that shows that they do charge for calls lasting longer than :30 seconds, THUS proving that the Nisha call could’ve been a butt dial.

A: That butt dial thing was just some bullshit I told you.

S: Which is so great because that Nisha call was the only thing, the one and only thing, that I could ever find, in terms of any evidence at all, that you might’ve been the killer.

A: But I am the killer.

S: There is literally nothing else that points to you as the killer.

A: Except for all that other stuff, like me just coincidentally buying a phone the night before, then giving it to a drug dealer friend, along with my car, and then his story matching up with the cell phone records, and those 2 friends that heard me asking Hae for a ride, and the fact that Jay knew where her car was, and Jen told the same story, and was with him while he threw shovels away. And then that guy who heard Jay saying I was threatening to kill him if he said anything. Yeah, that Nisha call though, boy that really was the only red flag.

S: I know, and now that we’ve proved beyond a reasonable doubt that it must’ve been a butt dial, cause we all know how often that happens, well, I don’t know how you’re not getting out of jail soon.

A: I’m not gonna be holding my breath.

S: I just don’t know what the guys in jail, who are ALL totally friends with you, cause you get along with everyone, are going to handle being without you. You cook them such great stuff!

A: I do make a badass maple syrup.

S: I guess now you can make it for me.

A: Why would I do that?

S: Are you touching yourself right now because I am.

A: Huh?

S: Nothing.

A: I thought you said–



3 thoughts on “Transcript of an Unaired Conversation Between Adnan and Sarah Koenig from Serial

  1. This is great, especially the touching part. To me the only explanation is that Adnan did it OR hopefully the guy that is already dead that got out 13 days before (for Sarah).The DNA will show nothing.

  2. Regardless of where allegiances lie, 2 hours to deliberate the life of someone after 6 weeks of testimony is criminal.At least take a fucking lunch.

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